It was situated atop a cliff, dominating the River Chionthar.

Elturel was the farming center of the Fields of the Dead and thrived on the trade the passed through its domain. It was guarded by an elite group of 200 mounted warriors known as the Hellriders.

A shining orb known as Amaunator’s Gift hung over the city although it was unknown if this was truly a blessing of Amaunator. The orb produced light that was painful to undead, and could be seen from virtually anywhere within Elturgard.

The city was ruled by the High Overseer of Torm who made certain that the city was run efficiently and that the area surrounding the city remained safe.

Notable locations

High Hall was the castle where the High Rider lived.

Inns and taverns:
Bent Helm was a tavern of poor quality.
A Pair of Black Antlers was the best known tavern in the city.
Gallowgar’s Inn was a ramshackle inn.
Phontyr’s Unicorn was a famous and expensive place to stay.

Helm’s Shieldhall was a large fortress dedicated to Helm.
High Harvest Home was a temple to Chauntea.



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