Dol Dorn

“The Sovereign of Strength and Steel,”
Chaotic Good

Dol Dorn is the most martial of the Sovereign Host. He is the patron of all who fight for a living—among them soldiers, gladiators, and athletes. He leads the Sovereign Host in battle, and legend holds that he forced the Dark Six from the Host’s ranks. Dol Dorn despises those who shed blood in the name of cruelty or greed, or who glory in mindless violence. He always stands by the soldier who fights for duty or homeland and favors games, sport, and honorable competition. Although he does not bless an unjust cause, he protects warriors forced into battle by a bloodthirsty ruler.

Portfolio: War, athleticism, competition.

Holy Symbol: A longsword crossed over a shield (or just the longsword, if the symbol is drawn on a shield), or the Octogram in red and silver, representing blood and steel.

Domains: Chaos, Competition, Good, Liberation, Strength, War.

Prayers and Rites: Sacrifices to Dol Dorn often require petitioners to shed their own blood, proving their willingness to endure pain for what is right. Nearly all Vassals pray and sacrifice to Dol Dorn before going into battle or engaging in physical competition.

Shrines: Dol Dorn’s temples are normally built of stone, resembling small fortresses more than religious edifices. Windows are narrow, and doors are thick and easily defensible. Even less-imposing shrines have surrounding fences or ditches and can serve as temporary fortifications.

Favored Weapon: Longsword.

Dol Dorn is the deity of Tatjane’s fathers house and Tatjane Helder is looking for a way to worship this deity.

Dol Dorn

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