Streek in het zuiden van Faerun.

Informatie van Forgotten Realms wiki:

Amn, also known as the Merchant’s Domain, was a tremendously wealthy nation in West Faerûn. Prior to the Spellplague and the continent’s disappearance, Amn held colonies far away in Maztica. Post-Spellplague it still controlled important trade routes to Calimshan and Baldur’s Gate as well as colonial ports in the Moonshaes and Chult. Its population, mostly human with a large minority population of halflings, was historically in the range of 3 million. The country’s natural resources and wealth, combined with its mercantile nature led Amn to become one of the most important and influential trading centers throughout Faerûn. The crowning jewel of this powerful state was the capital city of Athkatla, founded in 100 DR or 0 AR in official documents and often known as the “City of Coin.”

Geographically, Amn was a fairly small state, though its size was impressive compared with its neighbor and frequent rival, Baldur’s Gate. Historically, Amn held several colonies in Maztica but during the Spellplague these disappeared from Toril along with the rest of the continent. However, Amn remained a colonial power through the 15th century DR, primarily through its fortified ports in both Chult and the Moonshae Isles, as well as the Mhair Archipelago.

The weather was pleasant almost all the year round in Amn. At Lake Esmel, the temperature was warmer due to the hot springs. A diverse selection of crops grew very well in Amn, making for a surplus which was traded with other nations. Amn’s rainy season was from Uktar to early Tarsakh. The winters were mild with minor freezes and a little snow all across the nation with the exception of Esmeltaran on Lake Esmel. Although the rivers froze over during Hammer, they did not harden enough to make crossing the ice safe. Due to blizzards in the Cloud Peaks over the winter, Nashkel could often become isolated from Athkatla.


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